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Jimmy never stood a chance. :(

Good animation though.

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Rising-Jay responds:

Yup he was doomed. 'ppreciate the kudos~

Hilarious and seems pretty accurate for how some people try to ride on trends to try getting an audience. The voice-over made me laugh a lot!

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Seemed to pick up and get better and things went on, "Land of Water" was great and the mixed visuals of live-action and animation was great. Minimal use of colors helps allow for the imagination to run wild while the story of these two goes along. Glad they finally got to the water, kind of curious to see where the duo go from here. :D

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This game is not entirely bad but it is so bare with it missing certain aspects that I do not think this would properly qualify as a clicker game.

The game itself is simple and straightforward, click on the fidget spinner and gradually gain better fidget spinners that yield higher tap amounts to get better fidget spinners sooner. One of the main issues though is that auto-clicking is an ability rather than a permanent ability which makes me feel this is not really a clicker game in its entirety.

The game should have an unlockable auto-clicker ability that can be gradually upgraded to make the taps accumulate sooner and thus making the game less of a chore to complete.

The art seems pretty average and I notice with some of the fidget spinners that when they start to spin and spin fast enough; that they are off to the right side a little. I do not know if that was intentional or perhaps an oversight when you were making this game.

The music reminds me of grocery store music you might hear at smaller grocery store chains. There should be an option to turn the music off, that way if you decide to listen to different music or podcasts; you will be able to listen to that stuff while playing this game.

A very bad drawback to this game is the ads. Not the ads themselves but how OFTEN they seem to popup during the game. I averaged it and they seem to appear every 3-5 minutes. While I do not mind the idea of having an ad appear when obtaining a new fidget spinner; having them appear every few minutes just comes off as annoying after awhile. It is even worse if there is an ability in use and you are having to click to spin the fidget spinner meaning that there is some time lost when using the ability.

The abilities are alright sans for the auto-click ability which should be a default upgrade option instead. While one could reload the page to use the skills over and over with no cooldown, that honestly seems like it wastes time as well so it feels a bit like a lose-lose on cooldown times. I do not mind cooldown times though, just seems odd that that is a glitch one could use, although; again it does not really save much time.

The medals are pretty easy to unlock except for one... I notice no one has unlocked the Fidget Capitalist medal yet. Any hints on HOW to unlock that medal?

Overall, it is not too bad but it seems it could be a whole lot more polished than it currently is for a better experience.

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GameDev408 responds:

Thank you very much for your thorough feedback! It's really helpful.
You actually earn taps / money passively based on the amount of fidgets you own.
This isn't shown on the interface but if you notice, you'll be earning money without doing anything. It becomes exponentially higher and faster as you obtain more and more fidgets.

Hint for the Fidget Capitalist: Once you've unlocked all the fidgets... keep tapping... and you'll see when the Fidget God appears (:

Not a bad short game, kind of reminds me of GameBoy Color or NES games.

The gamplay is moving then interacting with the environment to figure out what to do to advance the story next.

Would not mind playing more games like this in the future, pretty good game if you have 20-30 minutes to waste.

It is not bad for a test piece, hopefully this is part of a full game or something you plan to release in the future?

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Well, this was unexpected, did not think this one would get uploaded. Glad that it was able to be. ;-; Slick rhymes, solid beat, love it <3

Delightful bass drop, harsh rhythm and an overall jaw-dropping remix, truly lovely. <3

Was wondering when these would be coming to Newgrounds, this stuff is simply awesome! Can't wait for the Red remix to come too.:D

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Goth Velma seems cool. Her thighs just look... really weird for some reason though. :(

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Darknud responds:

Weird , they seem totally fine to me ! she has lots of thighs on this and her legs puts pressure on it , which does a '' plump '' effect on them . That's why it seems like it

Who has the much time to make a giant hole of bubble gum? O.o

ChazDude responds:

Someone trying to cover something up >_>

I am going to guess the chocolate bar was way too good. XD

ChazDude responds:

Very pleasurable!

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