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Not too bad for a short sketch. Keep practicing and getting better. Here's hoping your next animation will be much better.

Lindenbree responds:

Thank you! I hope to improve as well!

Almost feels like a story is being told, calming and so peaceful too. Great choice for music as well.

StR-Lite responds:

Thank you very much! ✨

Not a bad short animation. This is still one of the most wholesome copypastas I have heard. Hope you keep working on making new animations in the future. :)

JohnimationStudios responds:

Thanks! And I can guarantee I'll be making these dumb videos until my dick falls off.

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Can be a bit difficult to keep the streak going after awhile, I did find this to be a fun game though. For whatever reason, I did find one odd bug that seemed really difficult to trigger. If you click or hit the spacebar a moment or two as the bar goes out of the circle, it gives an X but does not count as a game over. I tried to get it a second time and never managed to recreate the glitch.

The music is nice, I imagine it speeds up as the game gets faster to challenge the player as well as throw them off a little bit too.

The medals work and the secret medal took a few minutes to figure out. Only hint for it wait on the "XX streak" game over / end game screen.

Fun game, would not mind more music based games like this.

This game seems pretty mixed overall for everything.

The audio seems both good and yet bad.

The good being the footsteps fit the pacing yet enemies do not seem to make noise from what I notice. The calm music on the starting screen is nice too. The sound of square bullets hitting foes reminds me of old retro video games too.

The bad being the music for the main level itself just seems really odd, at least to me it does.

The gameplay while I do see you did update it still seems a bit frustrating. Not going to give a low score mainly because I realize this is not exactly my type of game. It is fun if you can get the handle of things though.

The graphics are retro and remind me of some other older games I have played on Newgrounds over time. Simplicity in style is sometimes the best way to go when making a game. :)

Overall, seems mixed but it is not bad. Just seems to be a game that takes a little time to get used to.

It is not a bad test game except a few things make it bothersome to play:

- The title screen lacks a "Play" button, it just jumps straight to the game after around 10 - 15 seconds
- The only way to win the game is to spam clicking the character to eat all the cookies in 10 seconds
- The ending screens lack a "Replay" button
- The game is improperly sized, there is a lot of blank space

While the first three I can overlook and do not mind, I think in the future, you just need to spend a couple of minutes to test and make sure the dimensions of the game are correct so you do not have a lot of empty space.

Best of luck with future games. :)

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Really large range of voices I see and you make it all super smooth too when going from one voice to the next. The audio quality sounds rather professional. :D

Quite comedic, fantastic voice acting range. :o

Denkles responds:

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it!

Tune kind of makes me think of Deltarune and the Neptunia series. That chipper synth sounds great, seems like a song that would fit for boss battles or to encourage players to keep going towards the end of a game. :D

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That is indeed a chubby kitty. I like how this looks almost like it was drawn using watercolor paints. :D

I like the way her eyes and hair look and the bra design is simple yet neat. Any plans to give her a backstory?

These look pretty dang nice, any plans to make them into stickers possibly?

Jelly-Filled-Zombies responds:

Thank you! These are gonna be buttons but I'll probably make some stickers too eventually 👍

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