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Eevee got buffed and just destroyed Sun. D:

Your animation is always top-notch though, did not expect Eevee to get super large and just start destroying both Sun and his Pokémon. O.o

Hilarious, LEGO Super Sonic was not even able to hurt Modern Sonic, just annoy him, lol. Great voice acting as usual.

Hipster Boom Sonic seems rather annoying, glad Modern Sonic's new friend took care of it though. I am going to guess Classic Sonic is not a fan of watching his other incarnations get smashed and destroyed.

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This game is all about speed and precision. It also requires being a bit patient to hit all the bugs you can within the allotted time limit.

The medals work and seem easy enough to get. Triple Kill was a bit tricky as I had to kill two bugs until they were near each other and then just focus on a third one so it would be close enough to the other two.

Not a bad game, will there be a third one?

The title is "technically" correct. There is no game, you just jump a few blocks and fall off and nothing else happens from there. This seems more like a test than any actual game / gadget that has any redeeming or replayable value to it.

I honestly had fun playing this game. Easy concept and pretty easy to also get up really high. I was pretty confused that reaching over 2,000 points flashed up a "You suck!" message though. Was that an error possibly that did not get fixed up in time?

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Probably one of my three favorite remixes of We are Number One along with SayMaxWell and TheLivingTombstone's remixes. Truly a funky remix, loved it. :D

Beautiful yet very sad sounding song. :(

Super dreamy and fun to listen to. Sounds really creative too. :3

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Phenomenal, still my favorite member of any Elite Four to this day along with Shauntal the Ghost-type Elite Four member. :D

I am guessing the name came from the fact you found them in a garbage dump? :(

Very cute drawing of your cat though, that kitty smile is adorable. Almost like the cat is saying "thank you for letting me be part of your family." :D

I finally started to play this recently after having never been able to for years since I could not find it in stores for the Playstation. The PC version is really damn good though.

Reminds me of a pop-up book type of art. You have your Dragoon (Freya), Blue Mage (Quina), and Vivi (Black Mage) running forward to adventure! Looks wonderful. :D

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