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That kid was incredibly creepy and I felt bad for Arceus, a giant god of the world, forced to kill trainers and Pokemon for some dumb kid who seem very bizarre and will probably become the leader of some evil organization in the future.

Only complaint is Arceus is roughly 11 feet tall, not like... 40-50 feet tall.

Ambassadortony responds:

lol yea, I figured since I wanted to make him high and might, Just make him hug fukin stronk. 😄 thanks :)

Very clean frame by frame but some audio leading into a neko sound would have been nice as well too.

Great parody of the show and sums up a little of the backstory as well. I feel the very last clip played out a little too long but otherwise, not a bad piece.

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Not a bad game, started at 500 seconds then got it down to 100 seconds and kept trying to shave off more and more time and got all the down to 40 seconds which is 6 seconds shy of the current record as of this review.

The walkthrough was very, very helpful, I found writing down in a notepad the answers for the slider box and the piano puzzle helped immensely in trimming down the time. I feel I could have done a little better than 40 seconds if I was not shaking my hand so much and focused less on the time and more on just rolling with the flow of completing the game.

Seems kind of odd that this entry has no music though.

Going to have to rate this one lower, even as it is a demo piece, it seems really strange to see a concept paper looking level for the first level then seeing fully fleshed out looking levels for the next two levels. I understand you want to draw in more people to play these but making the games shorter and incomplete just will not be working for this.

Hopefully the next episode is longer than three levels and at least adds in music and sound effects. I also noticed the kick button does NOT work, I just kind of turned my back on Psyduck and that defeated them for some reason?

Here's hoping the second episode is more fleshed out and less rushed for attention.

2Mickennxtre68 responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words of advice! I really appreciate it and I don't find your ratings harsh at all! I think it's a perfectly fair rating and you're trying to help me improve! I just have to hope that I can improve and put all I've got into it so that rating goes up ;)
You are much nicer than some people who just vote 1 star because they think the idea of a Lucario Dating Sim is dumb, and I appreciate that! You're actually giving me good advice. To respond to some of your complaints, this game actually originally had way more levels, music and a more intricate story. Newgrounds has a limit of only 100 mb for flash files. It's ridiculous but as you can see all of the cutsenes are hand drawn and scanned into my computer, and they take up about 1mb of space each. There was originally way more of them. Not to mention the game used to have a 2 player mode, that's why the button on the title screen doesn't work, there was another level and a boss too! If Newgrounds gives more space to people who pay for a subscription I understand that is my excuse haha! I really did put all I had into the game and I had just worked on it for so long I finally wanted to release it even if I did have to cut a ton of content! If you want proof I'll legit post it to Itchio (a different games site that doesn't have a size limit) and send you a link. As for the first level being a sketch, I meant it to be a tutorial level (that's why there are instructions on sticky notes, and I based the idea of a tutorial being a sketch like in the game Sonic Ages, so it did have a purpose. But I still understand the complaint. I hope I can find a way to get more space or to condense things down better next time and make a truly long, fun game. Thanks again for the critique and I hope to see you back for Ep2!

The music and background seem both distracting and unfitting. Not a bad short game but I feel if you go to revise it, you should work on making the graphics better. :)

goosypie responds:

Thank you for your response i listen to my player and what they want so im upgrading it

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This remix is always so fucking good to hear! <3

B u s t in XD

This seems like it would fit for some type of memory based boss fight where everything is getting skewed and warped as you try to retain your sanity fighting the boss. Creepy, cacophonous, and bizarre.

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Truly a bizarre and creepy piece of music. The random speed ups, slow downs, and audio clips make this somewhat of a nightmare style piece to be honest. Surprised someone actually made a level in Geometry Dash with this song. O.o

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Was about to say this reminded me of Disgaea then saw the tags, the Prism and Galaxy Mages / Skull Mages were so cool.

I feel this piece really captures the posture of how they look when casting magic.

The cat ears, pose, and facial expression are cool. I wonder what she is thinking about or having to deal with. :o

Hornedgirl looks gorgeous, the horns, the hair, the pose. Would not mind being her friend. :D

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