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Feels like forever since I last watched Madness. This was smooth and awesome. The ending makes me want to see what will happen next to be honest. Hope you continue to only get better and better. :D

Digging the minimal use of colors to portray neon lighting and this short piece. I'm assuming she is supposed to be a succubus of some sort or just something that enjoys causing issues but is ultimately being watched by a higher being.

The graphics were smooth. Kevin MacLeod can seemingly provide music to fit almost anything, one of the two most prolific and long-lasting fast music producers as well.

Overall, awesome piece really, new fan. :D

The lip syncing is perfect with no issues. Amazingly well done short piece. I guess one could say that Captain Falcon went above and beyond PLUS ULTRA!! :P

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This was honestly a pretty funny game. Just hold down keys to build up points and let your cat type the best poem ever.

Not too sure why you are not allowed to jump on enemies, it makes the game next to impossible to even start. As soon as you jump to the opposite side, the green shell koopa suddenly speeds up and gets you whether you jump or not.

The graphics are average for around the time period.

The audio is really loud for picking up coins which was more annoying than anything.

Overall, seems like a train wreck of a game and just meant to be next to impossible to bother with.

Fun little time waster, the score goes up as high as you want it to go. Nice selection of songs as well, would not mind another mini-game like this someday. :D

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Does not have the spicy kicks of the originals but still a wonderful mashup remix overall. I feel heavier sounding synths could have worked here but this sounds fine as it is. :D

Song matches the title, ravioli is truly divine. :D

Super mellow, super laid back, makes me feel like time really is flying by and like there is no worries in the world. Mixing and everything sounds great, no room to improve this track.

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Such a wonderful piece. She was one of my favorite characters in The Thousand Year Door too. Time to get spooky indeed for Halloween.

FuShark responds:

Thanks! Really enjoyed working on this piece.

All very deserving of being on the Smash roster, wish a couple of more characters could have been added but just seeing these three added is still cool. I like how happy they are, I hope they enjoy being part of the Super Smash Bros. roster. :)

Luigi looks like he is done living in everyone else's shadow and ready to stand out on his own. I like the minimal use of colors here, really shows how pissed he has gotten here.

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