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DoubleMaximus has a pretty good mic setup I assume. The animation might have been short but it seemed like a lot of time and effort went into it too. There are a couple of moments where it feels like a few frames were skipped or were just missing though, just my thoughts though.

Solid loop, good tune, very well animated. :D

Pretty damn good and fits the Future Funk and vaporwave look too. How long did you end up spending on making this loop?

PunkoJunko responds:

I made the drawing first, then I just added a layer where I could rotate the tape wheels in the Walkman for the loop. Overall about an hour or less.

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Interesting game, although I feel a couple of things should be noted.

There should be a warning about flashing lights for those who might get headaches or seizures from the background.

I notice the game ends once you enter the cave and try to back out. The music cuts out, no conclusion, nothing.

Otherwise, interesting yet short game.

A minimal button type game, not much to do aside from seeing how long you can ollie without messing up, what's the song name by the way?

beepyeah responds:

The song is called 'theme from do an ollie'

Easy game once you get the mechanics down and a simple game that just takes a little time and navigation to complete. Fun game, not bad.

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This honestly sounds pretty decent. I feel this is what Flowey would sound like. :o

This song makes me feel so nostalgic, good song. Upbeat and positive vibes~

"The Slowpoke of this town are hailed for bringing an end to a dry spell we had for years. Ever since then, we have looked up to the Slowpoke."

Mellow and short loop, sounds good. :)

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Curious as to what has her looking sad or concerned. :(

I do like the beanie and soft colors used. The feathers make it seem like this is a scene of sudden realization or finding something / someone they had been searching for all along.

This looks so damn professional and amazing. Have you ever been commissioned to actually work on comics? :o

Oh shit, this looks super rad, love your style, new fan. :D

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