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2016 - Music, Voices, Hugs

Posted by NekoMika - June 3rd, 2016

Wow, so uh... sorry that soon was a little over half a year to those who were waiting on this news post. Very, very sorry.


So let's get down to the topics of the news post for the year (or whenever I make my next news post, haha...)




So as many noticed, I did step down from modding for half a year due to a mental breakdown, getting burnt out on modding, real life issues getting worse at the time, etc etc. I lived with a bad roommate, went back to my old shithole home for a couple of weeks and then moved permanently to a new home with some friends. Afterwards, I came back to the mod team albeit, I do not mod as much of the site (review, audio, and as of recent, chat) and I want to keep it that way because it can get pretty stressful when you're being tossed shit constantly by users for simply being part of a certain mod team or another.


I'm also trying to get back into a habit of reviewing and wanting to go back to my roots of writing good detailed reviews instead of the fleeting one liners like I have been for awhile. You see, when you get burnt out on a site, you usually get burnt out wanting to put ANY effort into doing anything there or elsewhere for that manner. Take it from me, if you start to get highly stressed out, depressed, panicked, highly aggravated from being here or dealing with people often; do yourself a solid and TAKE A BREAK. It will help your mind and possible physical health if it ends up extending to that to take a break and get life together or just take some time to mellow out. Your physical and mental well being should always come before anything else that's major. You don't want to burn out, get super stressed, or constantly anxious over Newgrounds.


Music and Livestreaming


As some may have noticed, I now have a link to my twitch channel on my profile. I intend to try livestreaming gaming or something artistic like drawing and working on music at least once or twice a week when I can. I have been slowly practicing and working on music, thus; why there is not been a new tune from me in a very long time. I will most likely add the link to my soundcloud soon as well. I have been messing around with some new VSTs I found recently and aside from one or two that will not load properly, been having fun with the rest of them so yes; do expect new songs this month and in the future.~


I do plan to stick to certain genres and such when livestreaming and music creation though. Although I may livestream Newgrounds games from time to time if enough people ask for it as long as the game isn't lewd or A rated. As for music, I do plan to hopefully be able to livestream that from time to time for the fun of it and so people can hear what I'm working on.


Life and Stuff


I feel like life is very slowly improving even though I still have bad days or worse days that I do not wish to talk about. I have mostly recovered from my mental breakdown from December 2014 although I still have times I can be a bit moody towards people, although I try to avoid people when moody to avoid upsetting people or having people think I am pissed at them.


New jobs, new place, and life keeps going. Honestly, the only downside is just a lack of being able to get a doctor which sucks, haha. Also, been really big on listening to the Fixt label musicians, Ken Ashcorp, Mystery Skulls, and synthwave, eurobeat, and a lot of cool music in general. Although I've been fangirling like forever over the first three listed, so amazing to listen to all the time. <33


Thanks for reading this,



Comments (22)

Bout time for that new news post.


Everyone needs a break from something, even if they enjoy doing it, so it's totally understandable that you got burnt out on modding.

Also good to be reminded I'm not the only Kenny fan on NG &lt;3

Kenny is so damn adorable >w<

Good to hear you're getting back into the groove! I don't think I'd still be here if I wasn't away a couple months each summer. Bit like how you need to get away from home to really appreciate that haven when you get back. Break's a leg on the ladder of life.

Thanks for writing this! Finally. :P


And I'm still pretty anti-social most the time, will take time to work on it I guess.

Sounds like you're pretty pro-social though. ;)

I can be, just very rare

This news post is missing cats.


Ms. Nekomika?

Here's a package for you - Forktech Courier, Express Delivery.
Something about a 'week-worth supply of cute'. Well, the sender handled all the logistics, so, enjoy!
Have a nice day!




















Now that's a delivery :D

I started following your twitch, hope to see something live one day!

Thanks dude, means a lot, very likely started to livestream again soon :D

Mew mew to you too :3

A feline? mew~



How did I not see this post until now?! Anyway, dropped you a follow on Twitch. Hope to catch you some time.

Thanks my friend. ^^

Thx for the words of encouragement. Feels different account being naked and all :)

Welcome my friend :)

I think its probably time for another post. You're one of the most interesting NGers on here. Not to mention friendly and helpful.

January :)

Looking forward to it :)

eh.... I would like to ask.... do you know something about what happened to Nene and Darnell on the ART and AUDIO portal?

They were replaced by Pico at some point for consistency.

had to check if I already commented. Hope youre doing well.

Doing fine for the most part, hope you are as well. :)

HEYYYYY YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hii you, Mrs. Velociraptor!~

I spy some past post prediction as to a new yearly post potentially being posted just about two months ago below. ;) Any new tales to tell soon?


I feel like my heart shed a tear after I've finished reading this post, I might be a nobody and I might be really late, but I really can relate to getting burnt out and stuff. I've experienced failure and still can't move on by accepting it and forgiving myself. It still haunts and pricks me to this very day whenever I think about it. Well, taking a step back and having a break was a good decision, instead of silently suffering alone. I feel a little hope when you said your life is slowly improving, I feel a little more motivated to try live my life to the fullest again.

Take it a day at a time and keep going, hope the motivation helps you somehow go farther in life.

Six months later...? :P Btw: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/5d3a93910ffe091b07957ceb30d769d9

Link if you for some reason hadn't stumbled upon this honorable little homage: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/702163

It was an interesting piece

HMM a modest response! Was thinking maybe there'd be a more in-depth reflection in review form but.... not yet. XD Hope you do appreciate random stuff like that though... unless there's some hidden message/reference there I'm not catching...

They were just like "Hey, I like your icon, hope you dont mind that i made this" one day. O.o

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