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Entry #3

2018 - Reviews, Music, Art

2018-01-23 16:16:12 by NekoMika

Well, time for another update since I took my sweet time finally getting to this one.


The past year was slightly interesting but overall a little bit of a roller coaster honestly. I feel something could have gone better, been better handled, or just flatout been avoided or actually gone far differently.


I do however plan to actually work on music and art this year and stop being a lazy chick about it. >.<


Very short news post, but not much to say honestly. :)


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2018-01-23 19:56:47

Looking forward to ur stuff this year! good luck!

NekoMika responds:

Thanks, been working on and off with YomToxic for the last year or so on a game project, fun times. :)


2018-01-24 04:50:58

After so long... all those days... was there really... no more? XD Ah well, good to hear things are going sort of alright! A post posted must imply things are starting to seem brighter now, too!

Sounds similar to my last year. Fundamentally. Ups and downs. Happy with some things; not so happy with how I handled my time overall... here's hoping the New Year will be a better; more accomplishing stretch! Good luck with the music; all other endeavors! And maybe there'll be some more to post about come 2019...

NekoMika responds:

Really was not much to type up honestly.

Yea, here's hoping 2018 is better somehow.


2018-01-25 08:45:57

yes here is to a better 2018 for us all hope you have less stress and days are easy as the nights are may 2018 be fun and joy-ish


NekoMika responds:

Yea, I'm just hoping certain things can finally happen or at least restart this year.


2018-01-29 02:58:22

I planned to make videos and draw art in 2017 however there were so many road blocks and I never had the time to work on it.

I hope that overall 2018 will be better :3

I can’t wait to listen and look at your music and art :)

NekoMika responds:

I just had medical and financial road blocks, still kind of do but looks like I'm finally starting to reach a clearing to where I should be able to get back on track. Also, thanks, should be releasing stuff monthly I think. :)


2018-02-09 08:59:19

We really should stop treating each New Year like the only opportunity to make a change though... each New Day is just as much an opportunity, and each New Year has at least a few hundred of those. :) Speaking for myself mostly...

Relevant revelation of a podcast btw, at least on topic of creation:

NekoMika responds:

True, just a day by day type of thing to me these days.


2018-02-09 09:09:52

Living wisely already! :)

NekoMika responds:

I think most people try to live wisely once they reach a certain point in life.


2018-02-09 09:36:07

I do believe they try, but not sure how many really succeed... I feel like I've pretty much collected all the morale and mantras required to live like I know I should live at this point, but actually putting all that stuff into practice... too much resistance.

OT of anime btw: any particular/new shows you'd recommend? I'm not in the loop at all outside of OP DC and DBS.

NekoMika responds:

Depends buut these are pretty decent:

- Is This a Zombie?
- Rozen Maiden
- Miss Kobiyashi's Dragon Maid
- Mirai Nikki / Future Diary
- Konosuba
- Parasyte
- PopTeamEpic


2018-02-09 09:48:54

Ah was thinking new + particular, but thanks, good list. Adding

- PopTeamEpic
- Is This a Zombie?
- Mirai Nikki
- Miss Kobiyashi's Dragon Maid my watchlist. Parasyte was one of the best ones I've seen (disturbing as it was), but Konosuba and Rozen Maiden... leads me to question if we have the same taste regarding all the others. XD Granted I didn't watch more than a couple episodes into that latter one, though, maybe it changes...

Do you by any chance happen to have a MAL list? Would be interesting to skim...

NekoMika responds:

I don't but have debated making one. I watched almost 40 animes last year, :P


2018-02-09 14:21:53

Impressive! I slowed down as time waned, to the point One Piece is the only one I'm still actively following... hoping to catch up with at least the better ones, though. :) I don't have a MAL either, but a (at the moment somewhat badly updated):

NekoMika responds:

One Piece is very far down on my list of anime to watch.


2018-02-09 14:59:23

Due to length? Theme? It's my definite favorite as far as the big ones go, and the main character main source of inspiration in life. To live without regrets. To be free. To be able to sleep wherever/whenever/however you want to. :P The show does run into the problems all long-running shows run into eventually though, filler, inconsistent animation quality etc, but at least the manga is very much worth a read if you haven't already tried it. So easy to get attached to the characters and join on on the adventure. Though maybe our styles doth differ!

NekoMika responds:

Nah, I just have a long backlog to go through.


2018-02-09 15:34:27

Ah alright, didn't need to delve into justifying it so much then. XD My backlog's pretty big too, like a massive mountain that that looms overhead and makes you wonder: can it really be climbed...

NekoMika responds:

Got around 120 - 150+ in my backlog, lol.


2018-02-09 16:27:11

Oh holy hell. XD OK that's a bit bigger than mine! Slow but steady, though...

NekoMika responds:

I like anime, all I can say, lol.